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Aim of Program : To enhance the grammatical, phonological, lexical, and functional skills of
students who have achieved elementary level in English Language, with particular emphasis on
the raising of communicative confidence as well as competence.
Learning Strategies: Discussion based on teacher-led task or activity; Debate; Directed Speaking
using appropriate grammatical items; Free Speaking around relevant topic areas; Presentations
(group and individual); Role Play in real-life situations; Creative Speaking (telling stories); Listen
and Respond; Read and Respond; Speaking in the Media; Speaking Skills for Further Study.
Resources: Individual teachers will offer a suitable range of stimuli such as visual images, clips,
audio files, (short) reading texts, task sheets, activity instructions, designed to motivate and
engage learners in regard to developing their speaking skills through the range of topics below.
Grammar, language functions, lexis, and pronunciation will be assessed informally through
teacher interaction, and a final progress report can be offered to outline students’ strengths and
areas for future development.